Veterans’ Certificate

The Veterans’ Certificate, which is offered at the undergraduate and graduate level, consists of 15 semester hours of coursework (3 hours prerequisite and 12 hours required core courses). The certificate is designed for anyone at any level who would like to serve veterans. Employees of colleges and universities, corporations, government at all levels, and other professionals who are interested in serving veterans should obtain this certificate.

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to veterans, the certificate provides the knowledge, skills, and competencies that individuals will need to support veterans as they transition to civilian life.

The curriculum is designed to increase the capabilities of individuals within the federal and state governments, educational institutions, and private corporations who work with veterans’ issues. Individuals working in the educational benefits area will find this program of particular value. The attainment of the Veterans’ Certificate could be used as a precursor to position advancement within any governmental agency, federal or state, that deals with matters relevant to veterans.

Veterans' Certificate Curriculum
Course Course Title
Prerequisite (3 hours) TKB 3133 Administrative Management and Procedures
Required Program Courses (12 hours) TKT 4403/6403 Strategies for Campus Transition and Success for Veterans
TKT 4413/6413 Veterans’ Benefits and Certification—Policies and Procedures
TKT 4423/6423 History of Administration of Veterans’ Benefits
TKT 4433/6433 The Development of Veterans’ Benefits, Laws and Policies

Upon completion of the courses in the Veterans' Certificate program, unclassified graduate students and undergraduate non-degree seeking students will receive their certificates. All other students will receive their certificates upon completion of their graduate or undergraduate degrees.