Ph.D. in Instructional Systems & Workforce Development

Ph.D student "My experiences have allowed me to earn degrees in Music Education, Music Technology, and Instructional Systems and Workforce Development.  I now have the choice to pursue a collegiate academic career in Music Technology or Instructional/Education Technology."

 Dr. Maresha E. Allen, '20



Dr. Charlie Wilder "The PhD in Instructional Systems and Workforce Development at Mississippi State was the perfect capstone for my career as a university career services professional.  I gained valuable new insights into workforce development systems and the role that educational institutions play in supporting state and local economies.  I also gained valuable skills, specifically in technology, that give me a competitive edge in my field."

Dr. Charlie Wilder,'19- Associate Director for Cooperative Education, Auburn University Career Center

Dr. Ronald Gatewood

“This program has taught me the importance of thinking analytically and critically when it comes to making important decisions.”

Dr. Ronald Gatewood, '19- Desktop Services Manager, Mississippi State University



The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Instructional Systems and Workforce Development (ISWD) is an individualized degree program that builds on your existing work and educational experience and can be tailored to your unique career goals. Graduates pursue careers as faculty, researchers, administrators, evaluators, directors, high-level managers, or consultants. ISWD students are encouraged to engage in scholarly research, publish in referred journals, and present at national and international conferences. Our degree is now offered completely ONLINE!

The Ph.D. degree is for you if you enjoy…

  • writing at a professional level
  • researching teaching and learning
  • analyzing complex problems and proposing their solutions
  • infusing technology in teaching and learning
  • presenting new ideas to others
  • exploring emerging technologies


Ph.D Planning Form