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Master of Science in Instructional Technology


M.S. in Instructional Technology

The Master of Science in Instructional Technology (MSIT) degree is designed for educators or industry professionals who have interest in the effective use of instructional technology in educational and corporate settings. Students develop instructional materials and acquire knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses, technology costs, and development time required by various instructional technologies. Upon completion of the degree, students will be prepared to pursue a Ph.D. degree in any related field.

Coordinator: Dr. Chien Yu | 662.325.7260 |

MSIT Curriculum

Course Schedule and Sequence: FA 18 - FA 20

MSIT Portfolio

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

MSIT Student Navigation Guide

For the Master of Science in Instructional Technology (MSIT) Students Only:
A portfolio documents your mastery of key skills from your courses. Since you will be compiling a portfolio as a part of the TKT 8793: Directed Project and Portfolio Development course at the end of your program of study, we strongly recommend that you save all the projects and assignments from your TKT courses.

Curriculum Flyer

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