Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Transfer Students

Information concerning number of hours that can be shared between graduate hours and hours that can be transferred into a new program are outlined in the following link.

Sharing & Transfer Credits

Graduate Committee

The following links discuss graduate committee membership, membership changes and details concerning who may serve on a graduate committee as well as all necessary forms for selecting your committee.

Graduate Committee Details

Committee Request

Committee Change Request

Program of Study

Students are required to complete a program of study with the aid of their advisor. The contents of a student's program of study are documented in the student's CAPP report, which can be accessed in myBanner. Details concerning the CAPP report/program of study are included in the following link:

Program of Study Policies

The student and his/her major advisor may use the following forms to design a program of study, that will then be keyed in the student's CAPP report. 

Ph.D Planning Form



Time Limit

The policy concerning Ph.D. degree time limit is discussed in the following link as well as the necessary forms for time extensions.

Time Limit Policy

Extension Request

Additional Extension Request