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Ph.D. in Instructional Systems & Workforce Development


Ph.D. in Instructional Systems & Workforce Development

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Instructional Systems and Workforce Development (ISWD) is an individualized degree program that builds on existing work and educational experience and can be tailored to the student’s unique career goals. Ph.D. students are encouraged to engage in scholarly research, publish in referred journals, and present at national and international conferences.

Graduates pursue careers as faculty, researchers, administrators, evaluators, directors, high-level managers, or consultants.

Coordinator: Dr. James Adams | 662.325.8944 |


Admission Requirements and Deadlines

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Attention: Current Ph.D. Students Who Were Admitted Before Summer 2013

Students admitted to the Ph.D. degree prior to Summer 2013 may elect to change to the new program with the understanding that all requirements of the new program must be met. Students are encouraged to discuss this decision with their major adviser and then complete the Ph.D. Program Catalog Election Form declaring their intention to stay in the current program or change to the new program. The signed form will be attached to the program of study and sent to the Graduate School.

The many academic programs described on this site operate under the policies and procedures specified by Mississippi State University; the College of Education; the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development; the Office of Graduate Studies; and appropriate accrediting agencies. These policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. The descriptions of department programs on this site are meant to provide only an information capstone of each program. Interested individuals should contact the department for additional information. All students are assigned a faculty advisor at the time of acceptance into the program.