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Three minors are available for undergraduate students interested in adding additional content and skills to their bachelor’s degree. Students can choose to complete the following minors:

Minor in Industrial Technology
(21 hours)

A minimum of 21 hours must be taken to obtain the Industrial Technology minor. A minimum of 12 hours must be taken at MSU. Note that some courses require other courses as prerequisites.

Required Courses
TKI 1203 Industrial Communications
TKI 2113 Introduction to PLC Programming
TKI 2123 Introduction to CNC Programming
TKI 4113 Industrial Fluid Power Systems
Elective Classes (Select any three)
TKI 3044 Industrial Safety
TKI 4224 Quality Assurance
TKI 3224 Industrial Materials
TKI 4263 Manufacturing Technology and Processes
TKI 4233 Maintenance Management
TKI 4303 Industrial Robotics