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Dr. James Adams


Ed.D., Adult and Occupational Education, Oklahoma State University

Courses Taught

TKT 4886 Teaching Internship
TKT 4896 Teaching Internship
TKT 4263/6263 Diversity in Work and Educational Environments
TKT 4143/6143 History and Philosophy of Vocational and Technical Education
TKT 4183/6183 Methods of Teaching Pathway Experience
TKT 8990 Issues and Trends in Workforce Development
TKT 9000 Dissertation Research
EDA 8990 Qualitative Methodology and Design in Instructional Systems, Leadership, and Workforce Development

Research Interests

Post-secondary educational programs for marginalized students, diversity issues in the work place, work in a post-industrial society, GED programs in high school settings, multicultural education in higher education, leadership issues in higher education settings.

Selected Publications

Adams, J., & Adams, N. (2009) The gendered meaning of work: An examination of work in Welfare-to-Work programs. Journal of Career and Technical Education, 24(1), 18-26.

Okojie, M., Olinzock, A., Adams, J., & Okojie-Boulder, T. (2008). Technology training dilemma: A diagnostic approach. International Journal of Instructional Media, 35(3).

Du, J., Zhang, K., & Adams, J. (2008). Graduate students' perspectives on the meaningful nature of online discussions. The Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 19(1), 21-26.

Adams, N., & Adams, J. (2006) Bad work is better than no work: Gendered assumption in welfare-to-work welfare programs. The Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies, 4(1), 143-159.

Selected Presentations

Adams, J., Davis, J., & Adams, N. (2012, May). When the courts moved out, education began: Desegregation in Mississippi. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence, Austin, TX.

Adams. J., (2012, March) Court ordered desegregation in Mississippi: Black educators tenuous relationship. Paper presented at the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference, Cedarville, OH.

Adams, N. and Adams, J. (2012, October). Can a story stand alone? The challenges of using oral history to foster critical conversations. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Studies Association, Seattle, WA.

Adams, J., Davis, J., Adams, N., & Ginocchio, L. (2012). The daily work adds up: public school educators and the story of desegregation. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Mid-South Educational Research Association Conference, Lexington , KY.

Adams, J., & Parker, R. (2012, October) Perspectives from the field: Lessons learned from i-best implementation. Paper to be presented at the American Association of Career and Technical Education. Atlanta, GA.

Adams, N., Adams, J., & Davis, E. (2011, April). Warriors on the line: a story of collaboration and collusion in the desegregation of Mississippi Public Schools. Paper presented at the annual meeting of American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.

Adams, J., & Davis, E. (2011, May) Court-Ordered desegregation in Mississippi: The law of the land. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence. Austin, TX.

Adams, J., & Davis, E. (2011). When the courts moved out, educators stepped in: Desegregation of Mississippi Public Schools. Mid-South Educational Research Association. Oxford, MS.

Professional Leadership

Book Reviewer, Teachers College Record. Org
Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Career and Technical Education Research
AERA Critical Studies, Proposal Reviewer
AERA Adult Education, Proposal Reviewer
AERA Workplace Education, Proposal Reviewer


2012 College of Education Diversity Award